Logoshi.com featured on Product Hunt

A while back I submitted Logoshi.com to Startup Tabs.  I did it on a whim as I got up to have lunch and didn’t think much of it.  I got a quick note from @jleebiz on Friday night letting me know logoshi.com was going to be featured in the Startup Tabs Chrome extension.  Logoshi appeared on Startup Tabs and was immediately picked up by Product Hunt and sat in the #1 position for a full day.  Unfortunately, Logoshi is still just a little side project sharing a web server with 16 other side projects of mine and was overwhelmed by the traffic.  It was a rush to see that people like Michael Arrington and Scott Beale were trying out my site as I sat at my desk watching the server load skyrocket. 

Now, six days later, links to Logoshi have been passed around twitter, traffic has subsided and sales have increased.  Techie types love the idea, designer types hate it.  I’ve implemented a couple of optimizations to speed things up.  It’s a little late, but that’s how these things go.  You don’t know where your bottlenecks are until they show up.  I had planned on improving Logoshi over time.  Now that the idea has been thoroughly validated there’s an incentive to improve it sooner rather than later.

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July 17 2014

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