How to make a logo [solved]

A good logo is:

  • Distinct - Look at all the competitors in your industry. Are all their logos blue? Choose a different color. Stand out.
  • Readable - if people can’t read your business name in your logo, your logo has failed. Don’t confuse “readable” with “recognizabe”. Nike is recognizable, but you are not Nike. Understand you are a tiny business in the world and if your logo isn’t readable, its just noise to a potential customer. Your potential customers don’t have a lifetime of recognizing your logo mark. They need to be able to easily read your company name!
  • Appropriate for Use Case
    • Is your business online only? Your logo should be as square as possible to fit in social media profile pictures.
    • Is your business brick and mortar? You probably generate a lot of paper (invoices, receipts) and need things like signs. Make sure your logo works at all sizes from a 10 foot tall sign above your door to a tiny icon on twitter.

business logos with appropriate context generated at

Use my logo maker and see how your logo will look in real life.

Make Your Logo!

January 30 2017

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