Generating Logos Programmatically

A while back I needed a logo for a side project I was working on.  I opened up Photoshop and fooled around for a couple of days and made a bunch of really lame looking logos.  I got lazy and tried a few online logo generators.  I didn’t think any of them were that great and thought they produced generic, dated looking results. 

I started a contest on 99 Designs.  I paid $295 and got a pile of really crappy looking results that might as well have been clip art search results for the keywords I used in my design brief.

I’m always looking to build side projects that make a little money and I thought “wouldn’t it be cool to write a program that could generate a logo capable of winning a logo contest?"  Not only would I have bragging rights to some impressive code, I could make some cash at the same time. After looking at some of the surprisingly impressive winning entries, I’m not sure I can create a program that can create winning designs, but I know I can create a program that can create acceptable designs.

There appears to be a large market for cheap logo design.  Do a web search for the terms "cheap logo design” and you’ll find search result pages loaded with ads.  A quick look in Google AdWords shows that the keywords “cheap logo design” command a CPC of more than $8 for first position placement.

My thoughts moved from creating a program to win design contests to creating a service that targets users of design contest services and let them make their own logos.  Instead of targeting one contest at a time, I can cut out the middle man and offer a good, quick service to create a logo at a fraction of the price for anyone who is interested.

Future posts will chronicle my approaches for generating logos.  I know there will be pitfalls along the way.  I’m hoping readers of this blog will offer advice and feedback so I can create the best logo generator service possible.

Make Your Logo!

July 14 2014

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